Close up of an icon of Christ in Westcott House Chapel which explores Christ's call upon all our lives.

Close up of an icon of Christ in Westcott House Chapel which explores Christ's call upon all our lives.


The Lady Peel Awards

Each year the Trust intends to award two or more grants of up to £2,500 in total to projects that will strengthen a catholic understanding of Christianity in the Church of England. These grants stand alongside the Trust's ongoing support of the church in the developing world. 

In awarding grants, the Trust will seek to support projects that engage with, encourage and promote the following:

• Worship of God with the whole of one’s being

• Understanding of the Christian faith and of the whole of creation and human life in relation to God

• Action that demonstrates the church’s commitment to justice, peace and truth for the whole of humanity

Examples could include work to encourage Christian vocation; study days, for example in the use and understanding of the arts in a Christian context, events to facilitate liturgical formation, local festivals, or parish missions.

Our aim is to encourage confidence and vitality within the catholic tradition of the Church of England. Priority will be given to initiatives that can demonstrate likely continuing impact, in the setting where the event takes place or beyond.

We want the initiatives we support to be successful and therefore encourage applicants to factor in the cost of administrative support.

To apply, applicants should send an initial proposal of no more than two sides, which is to include a description of the project, with clearly defined outputs and a sense of its setting, some evidence of need, and an account of the total cost of the project, including the proportion that the grant would cover. Applications should also mention of their theological tradition. Shortlisted applications may be asked to supply further information.

Applications should be made by 1 May 2019 and sent to Mrs Chris Ruge-Cope, the Secretary to the Lady Peel Trust. For contact information, see the menu item above.